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A Star Care at Home.

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A Star Care at Home
A Star Care at Home
A Star Care at Home
A Star Care Starts with You!


“My 80 year old father was completely against the idea of any home care until he realised he could pick and choose the assistance he was willing to accept as he holds onto his independence so strongly (having always been a proud man).


It turns out that after the initial assessment he found instant comfort and chose Hayley as his personal carer, she offers great companionship, not just to my father but we have subsequently become very good friends.”


Paulajaine Williams


“Being a busy working man, I can no longer offer the time to care for my brother Neil (age 43), who suffers from many conditions including alcoholism and aspergers. Neil was very open to the idea of companionship, thankfully, A Star Care at Home genuinely went out of their way in the initial assessment to listen intently to Neil which strangely enough made me realise quite a few things about the complexity of his needs!


I cannot thank Sarah enough for her warmth. She selected a perfect carer for Neil who now gives me the peace of mind I desperately needed."


Stuart Lord

“We have a large family and are all very close but my gran didn’t want us to care for her in certain ways as she reaches the stages of terminal cancer as she is a very dignified lady. So after some research we made an appointment for A Star Care at Home to pop over and have a look at what options were available. The packages they offered didn’t seem suitable at first look as my gran was only wanting help with hygiene.


The family were all on shift work for all other needs etc; so we were over the moon when we were told that we can build our own package to suit not only grans needs but her very picky time schedules (grans a bit of a night owl)."


Romi Goodwin


“Absolutely amazing service. Literally rang on a whim with a few questions because I knew I was heading toward needing assistance… and before I knew it we were sat with the *A Team* (as we now like to call them), organising a very emotional decision which without them I could not have approached my mother so easily about. In fact it turns out my mother had silently wanted to relieve me of caring for her as she felt she was burdening me and this was something that had been troubling her for some time."

Jackie Bussey